Common Signs of Ingrowing Toenails and How to Prevent Them

Common Signs of Ingrowing Toenails & How to Prevent Them

You want your feet to be in the best condition possible so that you can walk easily and without feeling any pain whatsoever. However, sometimes your feet will develop some problems that require professional attention.

One of the most common foot problems is in-growing toenails. This painful affliction affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Here at Procare Podiatry, we have highly trained podiatrist and podiatric surgeon who are able to take care of ingrowing toenails and to provide you with comprehensive aftercare as well.

What are common signs of ingrowing toenails and how can you prevent them from occurring?

Walking is Painful

The first sign that you have an ingrowing toenail is if you feel a lot of foot pains as you are walking along. You should not ignore this pain because it could continue to get progressively worse when the nail grows further into the soft flesh that surrounds it.

Once your ingrowing toenail has been removed by a foot doctor, you will be able to walk confidently without having any pain whatsoever.

Standing Up is Painful

When you have a job that requires you to be on your feet for most of the day, it is important that your feet are in top condition. You might be a teacher or a builder with an ingrowing toenail which needs immediate attention. If you feel like standing is painful, and that you have a compulsion to sit down all the time, you should have your feet inspected for an ingrowing toenail.

The Skin Around the Nail is Discoloured or Inflamed

Another sign that you have an ingrowing toenail is if the skin around the nail is inflamed or discoloured. This discolouration usually takes on a red or a purple colour. If you notice that your toes have started to change colour, it is a good time to have your feet inspected. Sometimes this discolouration can be caused by a fungal infection.

Your Toes Have Started to Bleed

When an ingrowing toenail digs into your flesh, it can draw blood. Bleeding toes should not be ignored and you may require surgery to have an ingrowing toenail removed.

How Can You Prevent Ingrowing Toenails from Occurring

You should regularly trim your nails, and in a way that makes sure, in-growing toenails will not occur. Don’t cut the nail too close to the cuticle and make sure that the sides of the nail to not have any jagged edges which could potentially dig into the flesh.

You might want to stop cutting your toenails altogether. Instead of using nail clippers or scissors, you can buy nail files. This means that you can wear the nail away without having to cut it at all. This removes the risk of developing an ingrowing toenail.

Are you worried that you may have developed an ingrowing toenail? This problem can be handled safely and efficiently. Contact Procare Podiatry today for a full assessment!