Comprehensive Foot Care Under One Roof

Comprehensive Foot Care Under One Roof

A podiatry clinic is a one stop solution for foot and ankle issues, and when you consider just how much our precious feet have to endure, it isn’t surprising they sometimes require attention. Some people might mistakenly think that a podiatrist is someone a professional athlete consults, and while this is true, regular people also need the services of a podiatrist.

Here are just a few of the conditions that can affect anyone at any time, and without treatment, it can lead to more serious issues.

Athlete’s Foot

The name implies that this is not something the ordinary person should worry about, yet the reality is, athlete’s foot can affect anyone. Sports players might be more likely to be affected, as the condition is caused by creating a warm and moist environment, where fungus can grow. Technically, athlete’s foot is a fungal skin infection of the foot, which tends to form and grow commonly between toes and under the foot. There are medications and creams that offer varied results, and in some severe cases where toenails are also affected(known as onychomycosis), surgery would be used to remove part of the affected nail.

Corns & Callous

A corn is a circular lesion of hardened skin and is caused by constant pressure of the area, and is often close to bone. Any irregularity is foot development can place additional stress on one area and this can be the outset of corns. Callous are a little different in as much as it is caused by a shearing pressure, which in turn, creates this thick layer of skin. These conditions can be very painful. Diagnosis is not just about the best treatment, as it will also reveal the underlying cause, and this must be addressed, otherwise the problem will return.

Flatfoot Deformity (Pes Planus)

Fallen arches can be caused by a number of things and there is a range of symptoms, yet all involve a partial or total collapse of the arch. Flatfoot deformity may cause symptoms such as arch, heel, knee and hip pain. Treatment utilising orthotic devices in the person’s shoes can alleviate this problem by providing the essential support. Your podiatrist would be able to quickly establish the cause of this and recommend suitable treatment.


A bunion is a bump on the big toe joint and is caused by incorrect alignment, which may be due to incorrectly fitting shoes. Many women wear shoes that are too narrow and this can push the big toe inwards, and over a period of time, a bunion could form. There is evidence that bunions can be hereditary, which means you have a higher chance of suffering from bunions if there is a family history.

Whatever your lifestyle or profession, your feet need to be treated correctly and a regular visit to a podiatrist is one way of ensuring that all is well. If you live in the Bayswater area, contact us today and make an initial appointment, or book an appointment online on this website. We are always happy to advise on any aspect of foot care and with our state-of-the-art clinic, we can provide the best treatment.