The Importance of a Podiatrist for Sports Injuries

The Importance of a Podiatrist for Sports Injuries

Our feet have to endure some serious punishment at the best of times, but some sports really do stress the feet, and in this case, it is recommended to consult a podiatrist, who can make recommendations that might help to avoid injuries.

If you suffer an injury to your foot, whether you play sports or not, it is best to consult a podiatrist who can examine the injury and recommend the correct treatment.

The Right Footwear

As any athlete should know, wearing the right shoes is critical, and with every person being unique, it is often a case of trial and error, but any shoes should give you adequate ankle and arch support, and should be comfortable, even after a few hours. Certain types of shoes are better for certain sports, and with the advice of an expert, you can select footwear that will enhance your performance and make you a better player.

Injury Prevention

If you regularly consult a podiatrist, the chances of a foot injury will decrease, as you will be more aware of the right exercises and methods to keep your feet in good shape, as well as strategies to avoid putting too much stress on certain areas.

Specific Injuries

Most sports injuries that are foot related are the result of either an impact or a twist, and usually, an X-Ray is required to determine the extent of the damage. The podiatrist must fully understand the problem before a suitable treatment plan can be put together, and once this has been completed, he or she can help you to regain your strength without the risk of further injury.

Professional Advice

At Procare, we have highly qualified podiatrists who are dedicated to helping sports people to maintain a high level of performance, and together you can build up the right training program, as well as receiving good advice about suitable footwear. We believe it is essential for top performers to have access to a sports podiatrist who can treat foot or lower limb injuries, and limit the damage caused.

The Right Exercises

Very often, a persistent injury can be cured by developing a series of exercises that strengthen specific areas, and a podiatrist would be able to design the exercises to give you maximum benefit. Different sports require individual attention, and what might work for one, would be ineffective for another, but a podiatrist would know the right routine to restore your feet and allow you to get back into the team in a short period of time.

Non-Sports Related Injuries

Not all foot injuries are caused by playing sports, so if you twisted your ankle and took a tumble, it is advisable to see a podiatrist as soon as possible, as they can assess the damage and suggest appropriate treatment. Sometimes the person must not put their weight onto their foot for a period of time, and in this case, crutches would be the ideal solution, at least until such time as you can begin to work the foot again. Procare are passionate about feet, and if for any reason, you think you might need treatment, contact us today and arrange for a consultation.