All You Need to Know About Painful Corns and Callous

All You Need to Know About Painful Corns & Callous

These are common conditions, caused by continuous pressure on a specific area of the foot, usually where the skin meets bone, and over time, hard skin develops.

A corn is slightly different to a callous, in as much as a corn is hardened skin that usually forms on or between a toe, and is typically caused by continued friction, especially if the person is wearing ill-fitting shoes. A callous is the same thing, yet it is found on the underside of the foot and is caused by poor weight distribution or maybe incorrect posture that results in stress on certain pressure points of the foot.

Painful Condition

This build-up of dead skin can be very painful and prompt treatment is advised, preferably by a qualified podiatrist, who will be able to diagnose and treat the problem. Incorrect diagnosis can actually make the problem worse, and by visiting a professional, you can be sure of the right diagnosis and treatment. Callous will naturally appear on your feet, as the hardening of the skin is a direct result of the pressure exerted upon that area of the foot, and they generally take care of themselves by regularly shedding dead skin cells, however, sometimes the dead skin build up is too much, and if the problem is not addressed, it becomes painful.

Treatment Options

Obviously, it is ideal to identify the cause and remedy this, and it is only when they become painful that the patient will seek treatment. The pain is caused by a build-up of hardened skin, and it is not recommended to try any form of self-removal, as this could see the onset of infection. Treatment might include special pads in the footwear to alleviate pressure on the affected area, or perhaps the debridement of the corn or callous, and in some cases, your podiatrist would recommend a surgical treatment to permanently cure the problem.

Poor Blood Circulation

If you suffer from diabetes or any disease that causes poor blood circulation, this could inflame a corn or callous, causing severe pain, and in this case, you should seek out a qualified podiatrist, who can recommend the right treatment. There could be many causes for painful corns or callous, and many people endure the pain without realising the cause of the problem, and by addressing the root cause, the problem will often disappear as quickly as it came.

Foot Deformities

Any type of abnormality can cause a corn or callous, as incorrectly positioned toes will begin to cause friction, especially if the person is wearing ill-fitting footwear. Over time, the skin naturally hardens to protect itself against the stresses of the friction, and if your body did not have this ability, cuts would appear very soon, and walking would be almost impossible. For this reason, we should view corns and callous as nature’s defence against excessive skin friction.

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