Tips to Help Keep Your Feet in Tip Top Shape

Tips to Help Keep Your Feet in Tip Top Shape

Our feet are the things that transport us from one place to another, and for many years, they must endure a barrage of stress and strain, as we live out our lives. The simple act of walking takes a toll on our feet, and if you happen to play any sports, then you are really exposing your feet to some serious punishment.

With the heavy load our feet have to endure on a daily basis, here are some tips to keep them in good working order.

Healthy Hygiene

Your feet need to be clean and dry, and wearing shoes and socks can create a very humid place for bacteria to grow, which is one reason to wash your feet properly. This can easily be done in the bath or shower, and if you aren’t too comfortable about standing on one leg while in the shower, sit on a small plastic stool while you clean your feet. Make sure you dry between the toes, as moisture is bacteria’s best friend, and if your toes are rubbing together and they are wet, this can encourage fungal growth.

Toenail Care

Correct cutting is important, with straight cuts rather than curved, and try to avoid cutting too close to the skin. Rounding can cause ingrown toenails, so try to keep the clippers level when trimming. Look out for fungal infections and resist the temptation to cover damaged toenails with nail polish, as this can be very harmful. If you are in the Perth area, and your nails have been damaged in any way, we at Procare, have a range of treatments that will restore and generate new growth, so contact us today and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment.

Don’t Share Shoes

Fungal infections can easily be passed on by wearing an infected person’s shoes, even if it is only the one time, so avoid renting shoes for the same reason. Sharing socks can have the same result, so as a rule, you should be specific about personal footwear.

Wear Shoes that Fit

Your choice of shoes should not be fashion focused, with comfort being a priority, and that means trying them on prior to purchase. Walking a few metres with one shoe on will not be sufficient, and if they are lace ups, make sure you secure them as you would if you were going to wear them all day, and after a few minutes of walking, you will instinctively feel if they are right for your feet. There is more to a shoe size than just length, and with different styles of varied widths, too tight will result in pain and discomfort, while too loose could be the onset of blisters.

Often, people do not pay adequate attention to the shoes they buy, and very often, after the person realises the shoes are not suitable, they will persevere and keep wearing them, mistakenly thinking that their feet will adapt. It is essential to only wear shoes that are contoured towards the natural shape of your feet, so bear this in mind when shopping for footwear.